Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 90, HOLY SHIIIIZ! Woot wooooot!

Ok ok so I want to take a couple days to reflect and organize my thoughts for my final post (also, this way I can extend the final goodbye a little bit!), but for now know this:

I'm so happy to have gone thru this process. When we began this project, 90 days ago, I remember my final decision making thought was something like, 90 days is going to fly by either way, so either I'm ripped and healthy at the end, or I'm schlubby and unsatisfied. The prediction was true - this summer FLEW by, and here we are, in our new avatar-like bodies, armed with an incredible wealth of knowledge and self-awareness to help us sift thru the nonsense out there in the real world, and possessing a sense of purpose and willpower that many people never tap into.

This is a little saccharine, but I'm still going to share...
Here's the image I'm meditating on today, day 90: Team SEXAAAY all standing side-by-side (in swimsuits, to show off our bods!) on the edge of a big lake; we're all holding hands, feeling nervous and excited and we can't help but break into smiles every few moments. Then, from the background (hidden in the woods somewhere, haha) comes Patrick's voice, shouting, GO! YOU'RE FREE!
We take one last long look at each other, smiling, and have a good hand squeeze. Then we each reel back and take our own running jump into the abyss.


  1. Chills, a little tear in my eye. Love it.

  2. Damn, Elena. Multiple tears in my eyes.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on totally rocking PCP and inspiring me to keep it up!

    Hope to see you at the co-op, the park, on a bike, with a jump rope...

    YAY ELENA!!!!

  4. Yeah, tears in my eyes, Elena.

  5. Deep.....nice work, you CRUSHED IT!

  6. Love the image! Congrats! Way to kill it!

  7. That's a great way to think, "in 90 days I'll be ripped or still shlubby, whichever I choose". We can totally see which one you chose. Keep going Pink Lady, fight the good fight!