Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 88, Daze Days

Well, I can't believe that we're this close to the end.

I once ran a marathon. That was a different health/fitness time in my life - an interesting one, and a good one, but not one I'll be revisiting again as I move forward after this project. There are many mental strengths I developed during the training for that marathon, however, and I draw from them all the time. Right now, these final days on our PCP, I feel the way I did about 100 yards from the finish line of that marathon. The thought that went thru my mind when I could actually SEE the finish: Wow, I did this. I did it! The finish is RIGHT THERE! I could get shot now, maybe even twice, and STILL I'd make it to that line. WOOOHOOOOO!
Then, I crossed the line and burst into tears.

That's kind of how I feel now, as day 88 comes to a close. I'm thrilled to have done this project, I'm so thankful that a friend just happened to mention it at a time when I was looking for just this kind of thing (thank you Jane!!!), and I am shocked that it's already coming to a close. I want to hoot and holler and celebrate... but I also want to burst into tears.

The cool difference, I suppose, is that I feel energized and not exhausted. And, I know that the last thing you have to do to be lean and healthy is train like a maniac and then pound your body into pavement for 26.2 miles (though there are many benefits to running, I know and understand most of them!). So I'm all empowered and filled with knowledge and experience to keep on the peak path, but I'm so sad to graduate from this 'boot camp' so to speak, and move on without the daily touchstones that come with this project (emails from patrick, and all the incredible Team SEXAAAY blogs).

I'm sappy tonight. But change is good! Pain is good!

p.s. one thing I'm forever thankful to PCP for: the advent of my 2% milk love affair. just had a glass. mmm mmm goooood.


  1. If anything Day 90 is the starting line~!

  2. Oh man, I cried when I finished my marathon, too. I also cried through Mile 15.

    Yes! This is just the beginning...we're all only an email away. I plan on setting up my own blog, too. I like the therapeutic value of being able to write and throw it out there into cyberspace, whether people read or not.

  3. i also have mixed feelings about finishing! im so excited, but a little scared. yep day 90 is just the beggining!

  4. I am sad to lose this community but I feel very clear about the new direction of my life. I am dedicated to continue stepping up my exercise level. Each day I'm adding a little more jumping. Each day I get more confident. Now I think nothing of running up the stairs. I can pick up big heavy things and leap tall buildings. he he he I a looking and feeling good. Not perfection, but I am here. Where I need to be.

    This has been a great group. Elena, your posts are so thoughtful. And meeting you was such a pleasure. I'd love to see you again sometime when I am down in NYC.

    Sigh. Gratitude. Smile.

  5. Yes it is the beginning of our new life. Our bonding shall continue. I will visit you, and maybe I can be there when Deborah goes.
    We can email.
    Let's stay in touch.