Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 83, phew

Well, I finally got some rest. Thank the heavens!!!!
Friday night I slept 9 hours and last night i slept another 9.5 hours. I needed that so so so much!
And the good thing is that it wasn't nuts like last Friday when I slept 11 hours - it's enough that hopefully I'll be able to hit the hay early again tonight and have a week of 8 hour sleep nights (this is my last week PCP goal!).

So, I didn't realize it'd been so long since I last blogged! sometimes when i read and comment on everyone else's blogs I forget to write my own. Well, here I am anyway, blogging it out!

A few quick anecdotes and then I'll post again later today (with my notes from Patrick's latest assignment!).

1: ABS.
I can't believe it but the long planks the other day didn't kill me! It helped that we had one less set than last week (I'm taking Tara's cue and being vague on how long and how many planks, so as not to frighten those earlier on in the program). They are hard, don't get me wrong, but they also really tap into my badass feeling, so I kind of like them in a weird way.
Also, love the kung fu sit-ups! hanging like that makes me feel like I'm a kid, and i really love it. Most times when we have them I'm smiling all the way thru! I was thinking about how strange this is when i remembered a funny memory (this is the second flashback that PCP has stirred up, which I haven't thought about in decades). When I was little (like, 8 years old little) my dad and I would walk thru this little park between the subway and our apartment. there was a playground, and it had jungle gym type things, including the ladder bars, you know? picture a ladder, now put it horizontal and about 4 ft. off the ground. oh! I think this is called MONKEY BARS.
So at some point I got it into my head that my goal was going to be to make it from one end of the monkey bars to the other. I was not a small child (let's just say that food has always been a problem for me - or, better put, a great passion of mine!). Anyway, I dedicated myself to this goal for weeks. everyday I'd make him stop so I could practice, and eventually I did do it.
it was like a precursor for my dedication to PCP! haha!
But odd, right? for an 8 year old to decide on this random fitness goal, and then to benchmark it every day. i think my dad was bewildered, or maybe too tired to really notice how strange it was. i'll have to ask him what he thought of the whole thing!

ok, off to walk with a friend. more anecdotes later. happy sunday to all you PCP lovies! I don't know about you, but I just finished my morning milk and i'm feeling goooooood.


  1. Omg can't believe you guys are on day 83. That sure snuck up. Don't go and leave us here! We have no idea what we're doing!

  2. Give a human a challenge, and they dig deep and meet it most of the time. It's one of the few loveable things about us!

  3. You are a determined woman, and apparently you always have been!

  4. MONKEY BARS! I loved the monkey bars. I LOVED playgrounds. I'm going to make my children (whenever that day comes) play outside all the time. I'll throw them out the door like I do my cats. GET SOME DAMN EXERCISE!

    Thanks for your positive thoughts and words yesterday. Damn, I'm gonna miss y'all.

  5. Yay for monkey bars! You're making me want to try some kung-fu situps again. I haven't done them in a month!

    Only 6 more days! Go Team!

  6. So glad you are feeling good!



  7. my kids are BIG monkey bar fanatics. my daughter even broke her wrist last year from a monkey bar accident. i've taken a cue from them and tried it too - HARD!