Monday, June 7, 2010

You say goodbye...

Part I: A tribute to pre-PCP life in my kitchen...

Goodbye, liquor cabinet;
happy age-ing, expensive red wine;
I'll see you on the flip side, veuve clicquot;
our time will come again, someday, Barros Porto.

Don't wait up for me, Ice Cream Maker;
Sit tight, muffin pans;
Have a nice summer, cake plate.
(cuisinart, ignore this message - I'll see you very soon!)

Oh Kitchen Aid...
This goodbye is the hardest,
but we'll only part temporarily!
And after all, I love you not only for your superb mixing skills,
but for your promise of multi-generational existence.
You'll wait for me, of that I'm sure.

Dear cabinet-o-baking-supplies,
I'm sorry to say that you will be crowded for at least 3 more months. Please try to stay fresh, so I can use you in the fall!

Like grains of salt in the baking cabinet,
so will sit the rolling pin and cake pans.

Salt -
Our love affair has been intense, and long-term.
I hope you'll understand when I don't touch you for 90 days, but you may be with me for the rest of my life, since I hope to use you oh-so-sparingly forevermore.

From truffle to olive, grocery shelf variety to fancy schmancy, I wave goodbye to you, oil (and balsamic fig delicious sauce stuff too) and quickly shove you into the cupboard for fear of going back on my word.

Cheese boards, cheese knives, you light up my life.
Please stay well-seasoned and beautiful.
I will definitely be back for you, but perhaps our visits will be a bit less indulgent, a bit less frequent.
P.S. I'll miss you the most.

To all my past loves, I'll quote Naoko and Samantha Jones when I say, "I love me more."


  1. Haha! Hilarious! God, I think I'm with you on missing cheese the most. It's the one thing I always said I could never give up.

  2. Love it! You look like someone who really knows her way around a kitchen, so I hope you'll plow all that knowledge into making your PCP food as delightful as possible. (And then passing that knowledge along to us.)

    I am comforted by remembering that I gave up alcohol for a much longer time when I was pregnant. Didn't give up cheese, though!!

  3. Hold up, that fig balsamic will be a life saver! Keep it handy!